Eat based on the Seasons
- Foods that are shipped are often sprayed with preserves, are depleted in nutrients to age or were picked before even ripe.
- Winter time is the best time to eat - root vegetables, grains, moderate amounts of meat, nuts and seeds
- Summer is a time of growth and heat best to eat - fruits and vegetables that are light and nutritious.

Eat the Grocery Store Perimeter / Eat things that can poil and eat them before they do
- At your standard grocery store all the fresh produce, meat, breads and dairy are found on the perimeter of the stores
- In the center of the stores you have processed foods, frozen foods, and boxed items full of refined, preservative filled, fortified foods.

Eat to Live, NOT Live to Eat
- Your attitude towards your food plays a big role in digestion, in gaining or losing weight.
- We all get caught up in the feast of the meal - lavishly rich foods that only use to be eaten at special occasions are now common place at everyday meals.

Make sure the "Dirty Dozen" are Organic
- Apples, Bell peppers, Celery, Cherries, Grapes, imported (Chili), Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Potatoes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Spinach

Variety is truly the Spice of Life
- The same foods should not be eaten every day. Rotation of foods and food groups helps the body prevent against intolerance, however, only add a few new foods into a meal. Too much variety can be stressful to the body, because different enzymes are required to break down different foods. 
- Eating locally grown foods not only supports the local economy but also helps you get a variety of native foods and nutrients.

Eat and Chew your Food Correctly
- Meal time is not a race, eating should be your focus at that time. Eating with the TV on can cause you to overeat, as you are eating without thinking about it.
- Chew your food! Limit the amount of liquid you drink during your meal, as the liquid can dilute gastric enzymes.

It is about Moderation
- If you are craving something have a little bit of it. Satisfying your craving can help you eat less of the craving later. 
- Too much of a food, even if it is healthy for you, can burden the body and thereby no longer provide the benefit that was intended.

Enjoy eating, enjoy cooking and enjoy life.