The holidays are a time of giving to the ones we love. Each year we fret over what to give people, because we want to give them something meaningful and useful. This year you have an opportunity to give your loved ones the gift of health.

The greatest gift people can receive is wellness; health of body, mind and spirit. Are there people you know, family and friends, for whom my care could make a difference between suffering or enjoying life? Perhaps you know someone with arthritis, headaches, fatigue, hormone problems, digestive issues, allergies, weight problems etc.

Would you please help me to bring health to them by emailing me at with the names and addresses of people you would like to send a gift certificate to, along with your name and address. I will provide you with a fifty dollar gift certificate (to be used at their first appointment) and postage for you to send them the holiday gift. Your cost is nothing; your time, concern and care can bring health to the people around you.

For many this will be the most valuable gift they receive this year. They will be able to use this gift certificate towards their initial visit and start on the journey towards better health.

So that you receive the gift certificate in a timely manner please email me by Friday Dec 19, 2008 with the following information:
Name and Address of person receiving gift certificate:
Your Name and Address: