Once you and Dr. Larrow have completed your consultation, the initial visit usually lasts for an hour and a half (or longer). Dr. Larrow will perform your physical exam, discuss the answers to your intake paperwork questions, talk to you about your health history, find out what your goals are (and the challenges posed), discuss your worries and motivations with you, and look at any recent lab results. However, if Dr. Larrow requests that you perform new labs (of which she may draw your blood if necessary, or leave the test kit with you to be performed at a local phlebotomist) then you will be contacted about the next step involved once those results have been delivered to her.

Following the initial visit, Dr. Larrow spends time developing an individualized treatment plan for you as a person. This includes treating the physical, mental, and emotional components of who you are. At this point, Dr. Larrow will make herself available to you for questions, and to help encourage you when you need it. It is Dr. Larrow's goal to walk with you on your health path.

What Should I Have FOR My Initial Visit?

Please have completed the patient intake form prior to your visit. It is helpful to have any medications and/or supplements that you are currently taking handy. If you had any recent lab work done then having those results on hand will help Dr. Larrow get a better understanding of your medical health history. Please do not worry if you do not have all of these things at the time of your initial visit. Also, if you could not answer every question on the intake form then do not worry as Dr. Larrow will go over the questions with you during the visit anyhow.