Due to the budget crisis in California, Governor Schwarzenegger is making deep cuts everywhere. His reduction plans include the elimination of the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine, the licensing body for Naturopathic Doctor. In the absence of the Bureau, some other Government agency would be required to oversee ND licensure, or Naturopathic Doctors would not be able to stay in practice.

Licensure is important to provide the public with options in their health care and it is also important for public protection. Without licensure anyone would be able to use the title - Naturopathic Doctor - even someone who didn't go to medical school. Through providing care to patients in California, Naturopathic Doctors can be a part of a solution of the health care problem.

The California Naturopathic Doctors Association has created a message to California legislators to enable all California residents to easily let their legislators know that eliminating the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine is a mistake. Please forward this on to any family or friends in California as well.

Legislators need to see and hear directly from their constituents that are very concerned about this issue.

Click here to write your legislator in California.

Thank you for your support.