The clothing you wear does matter.

I know most of us don't think about what the clothes we wear are made out of, but we need to for many reasons.
One reason is clothes can cause us issues if they do not breathe well, and especially in delicate areas like our vaginas. Our clothes need to allow us to sweat, and have that sweat be able to dry. Clothing that holds onto moisture, or does not allow for normal air movement, can lead to yeast infections/jock itch, rashes, and other health issues. As often as possible, choose cotton clothing; especially when it comes to underwear. 
Second, we need to understand that these items do breakdown and release small particles into the water. For my son I look at what his clothes are made out of as I want him, as much as possible, in 100% cotton, but when I buy clothes for myself I don’t always make the same choices. Most of my clothes are cotton, sure, but I cannot find everything I need in full cotton, or even mostly all cotton. I have had to adjust my standards as a result. After watching this video, from the Story of Stuff, the label on the clothes is going to be more important than the price of the clothing. 
Please check out their video, and see where you might be able to make some adjustments for your own health as well as the environment’s health.