Weekends are often busy. Going to kids sports games, running errands, catching up on household chores and so on that there never seems to be enough time to exercise. Well have no fear! There are some simple ways of getting exercise in while doing everything you have to do.

While you are at your child's game walk around the field several times; try inviting the other parents to join you. When you head to the shopping center try parking further away from your store. Not only will you get a bit of exercise but you car is less likely to get damaged. Doing the household chores is a great way to get some exercise too. When cleaning the first floor, if you have things that need to go upstairs take them up right then, rather than putting them all in a pile to take up at once. Yes, doing the household chores might take a bit longer but you will soon realize that you have climbed the stairs 5 or more times rather than just once.

Make exercise on the weekend a family function. Do not forget Fido likes to come along. Simple things add up and before you know it you will see many other ways you can add exercise into your daily routine.

Have fun exercising!