What makes you happy? What can make you smile no matter what else is going on in life? Happiness for me can be found in playing in the dirt. I do not know where it stems from. If it was the time I was taken home in a garbage bag because I was covered head to toe in mud, or if it is the magic of watching plants grow from seed to plant. All I know is that putting my hands in soil, repotting my spider plants and their babies is one of life's true pleasures for me. Yesterday, I had the chance to plant some new spider plants and play in that dirt. Even if it was just for a brief moment, it really made my day.

In the midst of the business of life, it is healthy and wise to make time for the things that bring you happiness. They might include things that make you laugh until you start to cry, or things that allow you to feel alive. To use the cliché "stop and smell the roses" is one way of thinking about it. It is important to take time for ourselves. In doing the things that bring us happiness we are better able to be fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters, parents, girlfriends, and boyfriends. In a way, we become better people.

Do something that makes you happy today!