Health is more than just caring for the physical. Our Emotional habits and Spiritual practices play an equally important role. How we deal with the unexpectedness of life can be either beneficial or harmful. Not dealing with emotions or bottling them inside can cause us to get sick, can raise our blood pressure or cause sleeping problems, to name a few. Dealing with emotions allows us to be more fully present in life, to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level. Cry, laugh, scream, run, dance, do something that helps you to release emotions.
For me my spiritual practice gives me time to reflect on the present moment, on the past week and on the upcoming week. It is a place I can be vulnerable with myself and ask for help. A respite in the business of life, my spiritual practice allows me to connect with myself and a higher power. Whatever your spiritual practice, meeting with a community or just finding a quiet moment for yourself, your health will thank you for taking the time to engage your spiritual side.