We all enjoy holiday three day weekends but how often do we give ourselves a three day weekend just because. As a society we all work longer hours, more days a week and use vacation days only under the threat that they are going to be taken away. It is easy for months to turn into years and years into a lifetime. Before long the trip we promised our 6 year old son happens when he is 16. Work is important, but so is enjoying life.
Three day weekends for the fun of it are a great way to treat yourself and your family. You do not have to go far to enjoy the weekend, sometimes the best weekends can be found by having a picnic in your back yard. Other times a few hours in the car can lead to a family adventure and many wonderful memories. Why not schedule a three day weekend for yourself before the craziness of the holidays at the end of the year.
As much fun and relaxing as three day weekends can be, they can be stressful also. With the fears of how much work you will have to do on Monday or the thought of the extra 300 emails that you will have to deal with, it seems like more work to take a day off than to just work every day. But by understanding how Monday is going to play out, it can help to relieve the stress in the back of your mind.
Every once in a while it is a good idea to treat yourself to a three day weekend just because... What are you going to do on your three day weekend?