Remember to breathe slowly and deeply! These are general yoga exercises designed to reduce and alleviate the symptoms of PMS. It is recommended that you consult your doctor for a specific exercise program designed to meet your individual needs. It is important to start all exercise with stretching and warming up exercises, including arm and leg stretches and neck rolls. Listen to your body as you are doing exercises, if something causes pain stop, take the exercise to the point where you feel resistance but not pain.

Arm and Leg Stretch: Stand easily with arms at side. Raise R(right) arm slowly overhead. Shift weight to R leg. Catch L(left) ankle with L hand bending at the knee and balance on R leg. Gently stretch back bringing a straight R arm forward and pulling L leg up away from body. L arm remains straight to open shoulder. Slowly return to original position. Repeat on other side.

Neck Rolls: Sit with arms and shoulders relaxed. Breathe deeply. Exhale and allow head to come all the way forward to chest. Hold for a few breaths. Exhale and bring R ear to R shoulder. Hold. Repeat with head dropping back and with L ear to L shoulder.

Rock and Roll: Lie on back. Bend and raise knees to chest clasping knees with your hands interlocked. Raise head and rock gently back and forth. Keep chin tucked and avoid rolling back onto neck. Rock 5-10x.

The Pump: Lie down and press small of back into floor. Raise R leg slowly while breathing in. Imagine leg being pulled up smoothly by a spring. Keep back flat and relax rest of body. Hold for a few breaths. Lower leg while breathing out. Repeat on L. Alt. exercise 5-10x.

Spinal Flex: Lie on back with knees bent forward and feet on the floor close to buttocks. Exhale and press lower back into the floor raising buttocks slightly. Arch back slightly. Inhale and lift lower back floor. Repeat 10x. Always lift on inhalation and elongate spine. Press lower back down when exhaling.

Upward Facing Dog: Lie on the floor on stomach with head facing down. Place palms on floor under shoulder with fingers pointing straight ahead. Inhale while raising head and trunk. Stretch spine into C. Elbows are straight. Hips and knees lift off floor with legs straight so weight rests on hands and toes only. Hold 30 seconds while breathing deeply. Buttocks are contracted. Bend elbows and release stretch to original position. Rest for 1 min. Repeat 10x.

The Locust: Lay face down on floor. Make fists and place them under hips. Straighten body and raise R leg as high as possible without raising hips from fists. Hold 5-20 seconds and then lower slowly. Repeat on L side.

The Bow: Lay face down with arms at sides. Slowly bend knees and bring feet to buttocks. Grasp ankles and flex feet. Inhale and raise trunk from floor. Keep knees as close together and as close to the floor as possible. Squeeze buttocks. Hold 10-15 seconds. Slowly release to original position. Repeat 10x.

Child's Pose: Sit on heels. Bring forehead to floor. Relax arms. Close eyes and hold as long as comfortable.

Wide Angle Pose: Lie on back with hips and legs against a wall. Extend them out like a V and extend arms to the side. Spread legs as much as comfortable. Breathe easily 1 minute. Allow inner thighs to relax. Bring legs together and relax 1 minute. Repeat 10x.

The Plow: Lie facing upward on floor with chair at head, arms at side with palms downward. Legs are together. Slowly raise legs and hips over head until toes touch chair. Bend knees if necessary. Stretch back muscles as much as possible. Roll slowly back to original position.

The Sponge: Lie on back with arms at side and palms up. Close eyes and relax body. Inhale slowly from diaphragm. Visualize energy being drawn in through the entire body. Your body is open like sponge drawing energy. Exhale slowly and deeply drawing tension out of your body.