Last week's blog was all about what chemicals you don't want to find in your cosmetic products. This week is about what products we can use. I have several simple rules that I use when I am looking at products; either cosmetics or even food products.

First rule: if it is not grown on a tree, plant or in the ground it does not need to go into my body or on my skin.
Second rule: if there are any numbers associated with the ingredients, it can stay put on the shelf. 
Third rule: look for unscented products. 
Last rule: start to learn companies that you can trust, that have products you enjoy.

Some of my favorite companies are: Healing Scents, Burt's Bees, Enkido, Kiss My Face, Tom's of Maine, Badge, and Goodness Essentials. However not all products made by these companies are created equal so you will still have to look at others too.

I have created a useful list of good clean products, using the Environmental Working Groups cosmetic database. Please feel free to print it out and take it with you, and also take time exploring the cosmetic database and learning about the products that you are using.

Below are a few examples off the product list:
Shampoo - Healing-Scents shampoo/body wash, Soap For Goodness Sakes Babassu Shampoo
Conditioners - Pretty Natural Healthy Roots Final Rinse and Scalp Toner
Body Wash and Soap - Tom's of Maine Lemongrass bar soap
Toothpaste - Goodness Essentials Tooth Powder - plain 
Sunscreen - Badger Sunscreen for Face and Body SPF 30
Lotions and Moisturizer - Just the Goods Vegan Whipped Body Butter - unscented