The more flexible you are in different ways the better the body can handle life. We all need to be physically flexible so that we can handle the day to day and the not so day to day. Our physical flexibility will keep our joints lubricated, muscles strong and relaxed, all while helping to return lymphatic fluid back to the heart. Lymphatic fluid is comprised of interstitial fluid that was a part of the circulatory system and again needs to become part of it. The lymphatic system does not contain valves; therefore the only way to get the lymphatic fluid back up from our feet is by using muscles to propel it against gravity. Stretching is going to help return this fluid so that we don't have swollen ankles or feet at the end of the day.

We need to be flexible mentally too. School is a great time for stretching and helping the brain to learn. Once we are done with school we often don't have the time we would like to keep supporting and challenging the brain. I would recommend looking for apps for your phone that will help you sharpen things up a bit. Doing crossword puzzles or even Sudoko will help the brain to be more flexible and challenged.

Flexibility emotionally is often the hardest as many of us do not want to allow ourselves to have a down day. We live in a society where it is go, go, go all the time. Every minute of the day needs to be filled with some sort of activity, but does it really need to be? I would say the answer is no. We need to find the flexibility in life to be able to slow down and do nothing for a moment, or even a day.

Being flexible allows the body to handle normal day stress a little bit easier. This then helps to keep our cortisol, which is the stress hormone, in balance so that we don't over stress the body.

Being attentive to your bodies need for flexibility is key here. Take time each day, even for just a moment and reflect on the previous day (or week) about the opportunities you had to be more flexible. Whether it is reading a book, doing a different task at work for a while or just nothing at all, identifying these opportunities is more important than you probably realize.