The hot foot bath is one of my favorite hydrotherapy treatments when I get sick. I will also do the wet socks at night. This protocol helps improve circulation in the body along with altering the body temperature which makes our body an unfavorable host for infectious bugs. What I find interesting is that our feet are directly connected to our heads, thus when we have symptoms in our head and neck using this protocol will help.

Indications: Sinusitis, congestive headaches, pulmonary congestion, pelvic congestion, chill

DO NOT DO if you have: peripheral vascular disease, loss of sensation of the feet, diabetes mellitus, or loss of consciousness.

One Sheet
One wool blanket
Bucket or other container that both feet can fit into
One washcloth and one towel
Hot water and cold water
Warm room
One caring helper

The procedure is very simple yet extremely effective:
1. Undressed, wrapped up in the sheet then wrap yourself in the blanket, and sit in the chair. 
2. Place both feet in the container filled with water as warm or hot as you can stand, or just place your feet in a little bit of warm water and gradually add more hot water until the water temperature is about 110 F.
3. A cold washcloth is placed on your head or neck, if desired. 
4. You may also have a cup of tea to drink during the procedure. Yarrow tea is excellent. 
5. You will remain with your feet in the container for 20-30 minutes. If the water cools down (it often does), have a caring helper take out some of the cool water and replace it with very warm or hot water. Add the water in-between your spaced feet to avoid scalding the feet, or remove your feet from the container while the new water is added. 
6. At the end of the treatment, lift both feet out of the water and pour cold water briefly over the feet, drying the feet thoroughly with a towel. 
7. Hopefully, a lot of sweating will occur. This is very good. However, make sure that at the end of the treatment, when you stand and dress, that you do not become chilled (again, a warm room).
8. Allow yourself to rest for at least 15 minutes after the treatment.