Once we know how the adrenals are functioning it then becomes time to balance and support them. As naturopathic doctors, we focus on individualized treatment plans; thus there is no one size fits all when it comes to balancing the adrenals.

For some people I will use supplements to either increase or decrease the cortisol levels as needed throughout the day. While other patients will get tinctures (a combination of liquid herbal extracts) that will have adaptogenic or adrenal stimulating herbs.

These adaptogenic herbs help to keep the proper balance, conserve energy and increase the ability to cope with stress, whether physical, mental or emotional. Some of my favorites are withania and the different ginsengs. I will formulate tinctures to not only balance and support the adrenals but also whatever other health concerns are going on with the patient.

The adrenals take time to start struggling. They also take time to repair. The process can be slow, but when done well will greatly improve not only the patient's quality of life but also provide them ways to cope with and respond to stress easier.

The adrenals are vital to our survival. They keep us safe from the stress of life, but we also have to take care of them as we go through this stressful life.

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