We are going to talk about some of the many ways of increasing your immune system. The immune system is composed of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend the body from outside influences. We are constantly being exposed to foreign invaders from the moment that we are born until we die. And unfortunately some of us deal with auto-immune diseases where the body for some unknown reason starts to attack self as a foreign entity. When dealing with the immune system the most important thing is to eliminate anything that will decrease or cause changes in its function. Some of the main culprits are refined sugar and food allergies, as well as sensitivities.

Sugar, as we have talked about before, will knock the immune system out. Food allergies and sensitivities cause the immune system to work overboard. A large majority of our immunes system surrounds the gastrointestinal tract, thus food can either be used as medicine or it can cause diseases in the body. Food sensitivities have been linked with inflammation, headaches, constipation, "brain fog" and mood disturbances to name a few.

There are several supplements that have been known to help the immune system function appropriately. One of the most well-known is vitamin C, it is also considered relatively safe, if you take too much it can cause stomach irritations leading to diarrhea. Other important vitamins include zinc, vitamin D and vitamin A. Vitamin D and vitamin A are both fat soluble vitamins and thus do have toxicities associated with them, so it is important to use them when they are truly needed. Vitamin D levels can be checked in a simple blood test and should be tested before supplementation.

Herbs can also help to boost the immune system as some of the herbs are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal. Garlic and onion are often two herbs that we cook with and both of these herbs are wonderful anti-microbial, so cook more with them in the coming winter months. Other herbs help to increase body temperature, which will help the immune system by altering that homeostasis of the body and affect the foreign invader. These herbs include - ginger, curcuma, and cayenne.

Water is vital for our body to function, but it can also be a powerful medical treatment. Wet socks will help to boost the immune system and help to kick out any flu or cold that is trying to take hold in the upper respiratory tract (lung, nose, sinuses). Constitutional hydrotherapy is a full body therapy that uses the application of hot and cold towels on the core of the body to help boost the immune system and the vis, vital energy, of the body.

There are so many other things that can be done, however it is also important to remember that health is very individualized. This means a specific treatment plan needs to be put together for each person. This is where we work together. I can help with a treatment plan tailored for you, and your families, future health. All it takes is action on your part to call for a free consultation today (415) 912-9934!