Research has shown that people being born today can and often will have a life expectancy of 100 years, while many of us adults now were given life expectancy of the 70s or 80s. I have found this great article on "15 Tips That Help You Live to Be 100" written by Mache Seibel, MD.

Whether we live to be less than or more than 100 years of age, I think these are great tips to strive for every day. For longevity is not either a game of genetics or of lifestyle, but more a combination of the two. Here is Dr. Siebel's personal list of how to live the longest, healthiest and happiest life:

1. Start planning for longevity today - consider your retirement, consider starting these tips today, don't wait for longevity, actively seek it.
2. Eat healthy - remember the clean 15 and the dirty dozen, along with eating a whole foods based diet - thus avoiding the junk food, fast food, takeout food, sodas and processed foods.
3. Control your weight - the heavier you are the harder your body has to work to keep you moving.
4. Don't add salt to your food - there is enough salt in our diets as it is.
5. Take a multivitamin and fish oil daily - check with your naturopathic doctor to see if there is anything else you should be taking.
6. Maintain family units - this includes the grandparents. Countries where families live in units seem to live longer.
7. Eat on smaller plates - Okinawan centenarians eat on plates the size of salad plates and stop eating when they are 80% full.
8. Meditate daily - this will help to lower your blood pressure, by helping the body to get out of the fight -or-flight state and into the relaxed state.
9. Remain active - do something at least every day even if it is just for 20 minutes, move the body and the body will move you.
10. Stay connected - we as humans need that human to human contact and interaction, face to face, not on social media locations.
11. Have a purpose - what makes you excited, why do you want to wake up, how do you want to share yourself with the world? The research says that having a purpose can be worth about seven years of life expectancy.
12. Have a day of rest - even if you are not religious you know that God had a day of rest. So give yourself a day of rest where you do not work and avoid stress-related activities.
13. Remain spiritual - however that looks to you, it has been shown that people who are part of a faith-based community or are religious may live 2-3 extra years.
14. Choose friends wisely - we tend to do things with our friends, thus if our friends engage in unhealthy habits or are overweight, we may end up doing the same.
15. Smile more - a positive attitude will lead to a longer life . Happiness will infect even your cells, so be happy!

So what other small changes can you make to improve not only your longevity but the longevity of your family and friends?

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