Multivitamins can be found anywhere; but are all multivitamins created equal? NO!

The first thing I look at when evaluating a multivitamin and supplements in general is the "other ingredients." If there are any dyes, put it back on the shelf or if it has made its way home, throw it out. I have seen prenatal vitamins given to a pregnant patient by her OBGyn that contained 3 lines of different dyes. These dyes are not needed and the dyes have been linked with many illnesses. Most of the other ingredients are going to be "flowing agents" that help the supplement company be able to make the capsules/tablets quickly. You want to look for the least amount of other ingredients. It is also important to look that the ingredients in everything that you eat, drink or even put on your skin.

Another thing to consider is your food allergies or sensitivities when it comes to your supplements. Eggs, dairy, wheat, yeast, sugar and nuts can be found in supplements, so make sure that you check for your food reactions before you buy something. Multivitamins can be formed into capsules, liquid or tablets. The easier it is to breakdown the multivitamin that better results you will get. Tablets are the most difficult for the body to break down.

When looking at the b-vitamins, always look for their active forms, B12's active form is methylcobalamin. These forms allow the body to have instant access to the b-vitamins. Also understand that when you take a multivitamin or even a b-complex that your urine is going to turn bright yellow. This is normal.

Next look at the list of vitamins and minerals found in the multivitamin. Not all vitamins and minerals are needed at all ages of life. Postmenopausal women and men do not need iron. While patients with specific illness need to make sure that they are not taking specific nutrients, such as breast cancer patients should not be taking boron as it can increase estrogen.

Dr. Larrow enjoys helping her patients take the correct supplements to support their health at every stage of life. Have her help you review your multivitamins and supplements to be sure you are taking what supports your health.