Disconnect Yourself From Distractions, And Reconnect With What's Around You.

This year I wanted to write blogs that challenge you to do something that might be outside of your normal routine. And as for doing these challenges, I would then ask you to try them more than just once, and to also ask your friends and family to get involved in these challenges with you.  

Are you ready for your first challenge?  

This challenge is to turn everything that has an on/off button off, and disconnect yourself. Yes, this means turn your phone, computer, ipad or tablet, and TV (including your Nintendo/Xbox/Playstation along with anything else that has you connected) off. Unplug yourself from the internet, social media, and the need for instant gratification. Go out into the world, get your hands dirty in the ground, go to the park with your friends and family. Just be open to the world around you for a change.  

I think that since the boom of social media, I feel less connected with the people in my life. I know what might be going on in their lives through what they post, but I don't really know how they are doing. There seems to be three types of people on these social media sites regarding this. The first is the one who posts only the good things, "here is us on vacation in Fiji," "here is the new car we got," "here is a picture of our new baby," "here is... etc., etc." They are the posters of everything that is fantastic. The second type of person is the one who only posts the negative stuff, "everything is wrong in my world."  You know, the dark and gloomy posts. The third person is the one who does not even post. They just look at everything that everyone else posts, and secretly judges themselves based on what their friends and family are supposedly going through.

From this though we have lost the in-between. The personal connection.

I was shocked when my husband joined Facebook (as he said he'd never join something like that when we met), and then even more shocked when he canceled his account (although he says it takes Facebook 14 days to cancel your account which we found funny). I am in awe of him for being able to just turn it all off, and in doing so he has had to pick up the phone more to call people. People can no longer just post on his wall "happy birthday!," no. Now they actually have to call him. What a concept it is this whole one on one communication.

Don't get me wrong because I am happy, and very fortunate, to have the Internet, and its various ways with which to connect with my family and friends in other states and countries. However, the connection is not the same. My 2 year old nephew knows me more through Apple Facetime and Google Hangouts than he does in person. And truthfully, I would not give this up for anything as that is the only way I can connect with him on a regular basis. But, we still have to make the time for in person contact.

Thus for one day, or even just half a day, turn all of these distractions off, and connect on a personal level with not only yourself, but your family and friends. The busy, phony world will still be there when you get back to it, but see how much you have changed for the better from being away for that short time.  

Let me know how you did with this challenge in the comments below! They will be open for a few weeks, so you have time to get back to me.