Seriously, just stop what you are doing, and go outside for a few minutes. Breath some fresh air. Take a nature break.

We all get busy with work, and the day-to-day of our lives, but we forget to take the necessary time to see the world right outside our front door. Hiking is something my husband tries to get me to do more often. I always have reasons why we cannot go hiking on the weekends. However, I forget how amazing nature is, and I'm grateful for the times my husband pushes me to go out.

My husband asked me today if I wanted to go hiking. At first my response was “no” as I had a blog to write, tinctures to make, and emails and phone calls to respond to. Then I thought about it for a minute, and said to myself that all those things can wait. That I should not wait on hiking with my husband, being out in nature, nor preventing myself from missing this opportunity to get out of the rat race for a bit. He took me to Rockville Regional Park here in Fairfield. It is a piece of heaven right in our own backyard.  

It was amazing to get outside, to turn off the phone, walk away from the emails for a bit. I got to let the sun hit my shoulders, get my hiking boots dusty, and have the wind blow on my face.  At one point we stopped at a picnic bench, and I closed my eyes for a bit after watching the clouds collide with each other. These were the things of my childhood in Ohio; playing in my parents creek, hiking in the family woods, and laying in the grass watching the clouds. For a few moments, I got to forget about the hustle and hassles of life. I got to be a kid again, but mostly I got to connect with my husband.

Remember that from time to time you need to say yes to little, and sometimes big, adventures. You never know how they will shape your day. Get out and experience life, and don’t worry as you will still be able to get everything done. Before we walked back to our car, I even had time to answer a few emails on my phone, and start this blog. Just being out, and clearing my head a bit made that everyday process more enjoyable.

Do you have an outdoorsy place that you can escape too? Look online, ask a friend or neighbor. Even try asking a long distance family member or old acquaintance about what they do to get out and release. It’ll give you a chance to connect with someone you don’t see on a regular basis. In any case, find time to get out into nature more.