Dr. Larrow's upcoming out-of-office schedule for the end of November.

This is being re-posted from the November Newsletter for all to see:


Starting Saturday the 22nd of November until Sunday the 30th of November, Dr. Larrow will be on vacation. She will also be in-and-out of town during this stretch of time so unfortunately no appointments can be scheduled for this time period. Also, please remember to contact us about any refills you might need ahead of time so that we can help you.

Contacting Dr. Larrow will not change during this time as she will have access to her e-mail, and phone. However, since she will be out of town, please understand that response to your questions, and requests may be delayed. As always, if there is a life threatening emergency please dial the appropriate first responders at 911.


We prefer to update everyone on out-of-office scheduling, and important practice updates, through Dr. Larrow's monthly newsletter as most people and patients use that medium to keep up to date on Dr. Larrow's blogs as well. You can sign up for the newsletter here in the contact page by just putting in your email address. Thanks!