The Story Of Stuff Releases Their "Solutions" Story

I have always enjoyed the videos put out by The Story of Stuff Project. They encourage me to look at the stuff that I have, and think about what I need while evaluating the impact that these things will have on the world around me. My husband and I have switched over to doing a lot of shopping for things on Amazon. From our organic dried beans, to movies, to shampoo, and other food items. This has been both a good for convenience sake, but it also concerns me because we are not shopping local in some cases. And I also do not know the carbon footprint of these items that we are buying. Is there less of a footprint not having a store where people can go pick things up as they need them, or is there more of a carbon footprint by having things dropped off at our houses instead? I am sure these questions have been both asked and answered time and time again, but have all the factors been looked at - environmental, people (jobs, livelihoods), conveniences, and so on.

In The Story of Solutions, The Story of Stuff Project has brought to our attention the importance of the goal of the problem. How do we change the goal so that we get a different solution, and how do we evaluate the solution to make sure that we are getting a real and lasting one. They have come up with the GOAL reminder to see if the goal is leading to a real solution.

G - does it give people more power

O - does it open people's eyes to the truth of happiness

A - does it account for all the costs it creates (people and planet)

L - does it lessen the wealth gap

The Story of Stuff was made 5 years ago, and now it is time to help grow the solutions together. It’s finding places in our communities where we can make positive changes and work towards these real and lasting solutions. Please take time to watch The Story of Solutions video. And remember to visit their great website!

Reference: The Story Of Stuff