Hello everyone, and thanks for bearing with me as I took my vacation last week. Unfortunately I’ve come down with a cold as well so that happened. However, I am currently trying to catch up with all of my e-mails, phone calls, and general correspondence in turn. If you feel as though I have missed something with you then please let me know as soon as possible by calling me, or e-mailing.

In the mean time there is something I want to share with you. It is a YouTube video from AsapScience about frozen versus fresh food. Rather than take a stand on either side, I’m just going to post this, and let everyone comment on the video below (I’d recommend you avoid commenting on YouTube as the comments there tend to be a mess, but make sure to “like” the video if you do, and to re-share it as well).

I will say that there are obviously benefits for both fresh and frozen. Ranging from the convenience of frozen fruits and vegetables to a better, and more ‘fresh’ taste potentially from non-frozen. It is all a matter of time, and accessibility.