Confused by some food ingredients, or unfamiliar with food manufacturing risks? This site can help.

Food may be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Especially when we take the time to sit down, and savor it. That being said, food can also be a scary thing when a majority of the food we eat comes packaged, and processed. When we do buy packaged items I take the time to read what is in the food, but often I don’t even know what some of these food like, and derived, ingredients are.

There is a new website that made its way into my world that I have started using. The TellSpecopedia website has 1,300 every-day elements/ingredients listed, so that you can be fully educated about what you are putting into your body, or your family’s.

Taken from their website, “TellSpecopedia is a dynamic, up-to-date consumer resource for objective, evidence-based information on thousands of global food ingredients and their impact on health.” They list additives, contaminants, and manufactured by-products so that you can see what everything really is, and how it is going to affect your health. They not only list things that will interfere with the production of hormones, organ systems, etc, but they also list food sources that will be beneficial in supporting these regions of the body.

Please take time to look through this wealth of information that certainly cannot hurt in educating you about making better choices with the foods you buy, and consume!

Source: TellSpecopedia