Remember to tell us, your doctors, what medication you are taking.

Who all is in your medical team? Does everyone on your team know what you are doing? The medical community is not connected like it needs to be. What you do with your Naturopathic Doctor is not automatically shared with your PCP (Primary Care Physician), Acupuncturist, or even your Chiropractor. You, as the patient, unfortunately have to be the go-between. Labs that I do with you I hope you are sharing with your PCP, and vice versa. When your PCP puts you on a new medication then I need to know what it is so that I make sure what I’m prescribing for you does not interact with that other medication negatively.

The following video, by Dr. Mike Evans, talks about the importance of medication safety. Please take the time to watch this video, and share it with family and friends (don't forget to give his video a thumbs up while you are there). Also, please make sure that you have your current list of supplements, and medication taken on your person. You should also include your drug allergies on that list. I have patients that have a medical book they carry with them while other patients have an index card with everything on it. My own parents have an excel spreadsheet with this information on it. Please share this information with the next practitioner you see, and remember to share it with them every time you visit their practice; even if there are no changes.

Source: Dr. Mike Evans (YouTube)