Spring cleaning comes in many forms so don't just assume that your home is the only thing that needs it.

Welcome to Spring. This is a time of renewal, and detoxification. We, as humans, need to take time to renew ourselves daily more than just when the body is resting at night. The temperature is changing from the colder winter months to the warmer summer months, and in this transition state it is wise to detox the system.

Detoxing can come in many forms from the foods we eat to the things we watch, or read, and even the habits that we have been doing that are not serving us. Spring is also a great time to detox our environment, clean out and declutter all that we have gathered over the winter months.

Spring clean the house, the mind, the body, and the soul. I know in the past I have talked about meditation as a great way of renewing the body, but often my patients tell me they cannot meditate. They say that they cannot find the quiet time necessary, or that they don’t know how to shut down the brain getting to the calm, and quiet mind. Well, I came across this wonderful video about another way to meditate. The video shows how to make meditation a daily part of not only your world, but also the world of your friends, and loved one. Please take the time to watch the video, and consider making meditation a new habit that you incorporate into your spring renewal plan. And as usual, if you like the video then give it a “thumbs up.”

Source: YouTube