Plastic packaging, and plastic food make for an unhealthy combination.

Diisononyl (DINP) and diisodecyl (DIDP) are two chemicals found in plastics, soaps, cosmetics, and many other products, or forms, that have been connected to increased blood pressure, insulin resistance, and other health concerns. I often wonder what these companies making these products think about as they create, buy, and/or use those chemicals, or the like; is it not crossing their minds as to how toxic DINP and DIDP are to human health? Or perhaps, I have just gone so far down the rabbit hole that I question everything that goes into my mouth, on my skin, and into the environment around me. But to me, it just makes sense to question rather than blindly accept.

There have been several different studies done on DINP and DIDP linking them with major health issues. So how do you protect yourself, and your family? First of all, don't eat anything out of plastic, or heat anything up in plastic. These two chemicals are often found in products marked with a 3, 6, or 7 on the packaging. We have to go back to the basics when it comes to our health, and our families health. We need to eat things out of the ground, store them in glass containers, and try not to eat anything with a label on it. A lofty goal, I know.

I know it is not always possible to eat fresh, but if we take the time to read the labels we will be shocked at what we will find in our foods, and not just how they are contained. Recently, my parents shared with me that their friends doctor told them that Oreo’s were vegan. Oreo’s. Are you kidding me? Technically, however, the doctor is right. But, there is nothing real in an Oreo as they are comprised of man-made chemicals, and processed ingredients like bleached and enriched flour, and corn syrup.

And how are Oreo’s packaged? In plastic. I’m having trouble discerning the the contents from the packaging in this case.

I worry about our society, and our healthcare system, when doctors, and I know it is not all doctors, are saying that Oreo’s are vegan. It is shameful. Please think about the foods that your grandparents ate as children, and then look at the “food like” products that you find in today’s grocery stores.

Please take the time to question what you are eating, what you are eating it out of, how you are cooking it, and what you are putting onto your body in general. And please don’t forget to think about what you are bringing into your environment. All of these factors will have a lasting impact on your health. I don’t think many of us, as kids, dreamed about getting diabetes, or increasing our risk of heart disease. No, in fact, I pretty sure we mostly dreamed about living a long, and consequently healthy, life.

Please read this Mother Jones article about Phthalates in the body.