Sometimes, we forgive others much more easily than we do our own selves.

Forgiveness… I know it is important to forgive others when they wrong you, but more importantly you need to forgive yourself when you don't live up to your own expectations. My brother posted something on facebook this week that reminded me how easily we let people off for what they do to us, but also how we don't do the same for ourselves.

As is my normal routine these days, I’m going non-stop. But when I stop to take care of myself, I beat myself up for all of the things I think that I should be doing instead. Reaching out to more patients, researching, writing blogs, newsletters, doing inventory, finding the newest and best labs, etc. The truth is, like anyone’s profession, there is always something else, or more, you could be doing.

However, these are just the things that I could be doing more of in my professional life, What about the things that I need to do in my personal life? When do I fit those things like cleaning, helping my husband cook (since I don’t ever anymore), relaxing, talking with college friends, keeping in touch with family… you get the idea. The list goes on and on of course, but the obvious is true in this regard: there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that we feel we need, or want, to do. As a result, at the end of the day the todo list is going through my head of what I did, and, more worryingly, what I did not do. I’m human, and so more often than not I feel as though I failed at some of these tasks. Clearly, I’m having trouble forgiving myself.

If I would look at things from a different mindset, a mindset of forgiveness, I would see all of the ways in which I have succeeded during the day. Don’t get me wrong, It is important to start the day with a goal; conversely it is also important to understand that not everyday you’ll finish that goal. Sometimes, you will fall short of your goal while others you’ll pass it by a mile, and yet still other days you will not even attempt. Remember, whatever you did during the day, forgive yourself for what you were not able to do. Be grateful that you were given another day to try.

I am going to work on forgiving myself when I don’t answer emails as quickly as I think I should, for when I don’t have the time to video chat with my nephews. I am going to forgive myself when I don’t make the best food choices too knowing that tomorrow is another day, and that I have another chance to do my best. Our best is all that we should ask of ourselves, but be the best that you can today, and forgive yourself for past “failures.”   

Photo by "Miguel" (CC 2.0 Generic)