A new video from Mike Evans about brain development.

The brain. We certainly cannot live without it, but how do we alter how it functions? Most often this will start at an early age. Not only are nutrients important for the health of the brain, but also stimulation. Being in a supportive environment, no matter what, also seems to help the brain to develop better. One of the key things that affects the brain in a negative way is stress. However, that can be mitigated by a safe and protective environment.

Dr. Mike Evans has another great video called Saving Brains, a Grand Challenge. Please take the time to watch the video and see how important life is to our brain health. Don't forget to give a "Thumbs Up," and re-share the video if you liked it.

Source: DocMikeEvans (YouTube.com)

Image: Steve Ford Elliot (Wikipedia) (CC 2.0)