New year goals can help us focus on letting go of last years problems.

I don't know how it happened, but in just a few short days another year will have come and gone. For me, it has been a busy, long year as well as a “too fast, please stop growing” year regarding my son. I know a lot of my patients have asked for time to slow down as well. As we transition into 2017, let’s say goodbye to all of the craziness from 2016. Let’s leave regrets, anger, and sadness in 2016, and instead take with us joy, laughter, and peace as we enter 2017. 

I encourage you to spend a bit of the holidays planning out your goals for 2017. These goals should include health, travel, personal and professional goals as well as goals to make memories by. We make goals, yes, but then we do not always check back in on how we are doing, or to even congratulate ourselves when we have met a goal. Thus, as you are writing 2017 goals, please take a look back at 2016’s. How successful were you, and what other excitement / achievements / adventures did you have that were not even on your list of goals?  Take time to celebrate all that was 2016 instead of focusing on the bad.

I want to thank you all for being patient with us as our family grew, and for understanding that sometimes we needed to prioritize taking care of personal things in addition to helping you. It has not been easy at times for the first time parents that we are. Thanks, too, for being a part of our family, in that regard, and we are just as excited to be a part of your world. We wish you a very happy holidays, and an even happier, healthier 2017.

Image Credit: Marcel Oosterwijk (Flickr) (CC 2.0 Generic)