The Newsletter is back, and so is Dr. Larrow!

It has been a crazy five months for us, and it's fixing to get a whole lot more wild soon as our little one just turned 2 months old! But regardless, we hope that everyone's needs have been met during this time. And to those that Dr. Larrow could not help due to her maternity leave, we hope all is looking better or at least is moving forward for you.

We want to thank Dr. Jaspreet Mundeir, ND, for her help in being on call while Dr. Larrow has been away on maternity leave. If you are in the east bay of the San Francisco Bay Area then remember to call Dr. Mundeir's office if you're in need of Naturopathic services at 1-925-937-3266.

In short, the practice updates are in the April, 2016, Newsletter. We encourage everyone to sign up for this as it is our preferred method of communicating important updates, and news. Certainly the second most personal. There are no ads, of course, and it is just on a monthly basis. To sign up, just scroll down any page you read on this site (including this one), and you'll find the form in the footer.

In a bit more detail, if you don't get around to the Newsletter, but need incentive to, know that what is covered involves communications delays, appointments confirmations and travel distance, product shipping information, tax documents, and February and March's blogs.

As always, if you have any questions, or need anything that we can help you with in general, please call at 1-415-912-9934. Please have a safe April, and we look forward to talking to all of you and any potential new patients soon.