Do you know what is actually "protecting" your skin from the sun? If not, then read on...

Every year the Environmental Working Group puts out their yearly sunscreen guide of what is safe and what is not so safe. Now that the days are getting hotter, and we want to spend more time outside, it is a good idea to take a look at what you are putting on your skin as far as sunscreens. The first thing to look at, especially if you are going to use up last years sunscreen, is the expiration date of what you are about to put on your skin. It is important to get in the habit of looking at expiration dates for products including looking at the expiration date on supplements, hydrogen peroxide, other household items, etc. 

We all understand that the sun has many great benefits, and especially so when it comes to vitamin D production, but our exposure to it can also have long term consequences. When it comes to sun exposure, it is always important to avoid sunburns. Consider planning events around the direct heat/sunlight of the sun as well as making sure there is shade where you’ll be, and that you protect your skin regardless. When considering what sunscreen you will be using this summer please check out and their guide to better sunscreens. This will help you keep your family safer by knowing what is going on their skin and thus into their bodies. EWG has made it simple to buy their top rated sunscreens through Amazon by shopping here.

I know sometimes I will spend hours on the Skin Deep page looking at the safety of products that I want to use on my son’s skin. I should be doing the same for myself as well, however. I know I am not the average American woman who uses 16-20 beauty products daily, but the ones that I do use I should make sure they are the safest by making sure these products are not going to contribute to/cause cancer, mess with my hormones, or even cause allergic reactions. I make sure we buy as much organic as we can for our diets so I should be taking the time to consider what I am putting on my skin as well since it is the largest organ our body has. Be kind to your skin this summer by watching it, protecting it, and keeping yourself hydrated. 

Source: Environmental Working Group

Image: Copley (Wikipedia/Flickr) (CC 2.0