A great video from Dr. Mike Evans about helping yourself get through a tough week.

Sometimes it feels like life just keeps going and going while we get lost in the mix of it. There are days when I just want to come home and hide as I have given all that I can, but I still feel like more needs to be given, or done. There are weeks when it is back to back to back with everything in life, and I feel as though I am just treading water. I am sure most of you have days, or even weeks, like this as well. After all, each one of us has our busy season with work and life. How do we get though the these times, though? One way is that we need to remind ourselves that these tough times are not forever, and there will be, in fact, a time when they are over. Another way, as Dr. Mike Evans puts it, is doing things to take care of ourselves like exercise, cooking, reading, playing games, etc. 

Often times we just need to push through that tough week. Dr. Mike Evans has a great video about “What Can You Do to Get Through a Crap Week?” Please watch it and think a little bit about your tough times. And if you like it, then please reshare his video, and give it a thumbs up.


Source: Dr. Mike Evans (YouTube.com) & Evanshealthlab.com

Image Credit: Dawn Hudson (CC Public Domain)