A great video from Glamour that summarizes what it can be like to be a woman.

Being a female is like being on a constant roller coaster, but one in which you don’t know the next twist, turn, drop, or hill until you are in the middle of it. I guess if it is like that for us women then my mind wonders how bad is it for our partners. After all, they only get to see how we respond to the roller coaster that they themselves are not (or sometimes currently) on with us. However, an intune partner might be able to anticipate the next hill/turn before it happens. 

This roller coaster that we are living on is controlled by our hormones so we can go from laughing to crying in 3 seconds. We can bite our partners head off one minute while wanting to make love to them the next (ok, so maybe that’s a half day later...). One would think after 10+ years of having a menstrual cycle that we would have a better understanding of the roller coaster. The problem is that it seems like every 7-10 years there is a major shift in our hormones. There are also major shifts in our hormones during pregnancy, postpartum, and then again at menopause. 

I came across this great 2 minute video put out by Glamour (YouTube) of what our periods are like. It made me laugh and shake my head as it is spot on. The next time you are wondering what is going on with your roller coaster remember this video. You might also want to share it with your partner.