A Few Items…

First is that Dr. Larrow will be Out of Office on:

  • November 22nd

  • December 15th

  • December 22nd - 26th

  • January 1st - 2nd

Please remember to plan accordingly regarding your need to schedule an appointment or get refills.

Camp Fire Relief Information

As Dr. Larrow discussed in her new Winter Newsletter, here is some of the information provided about donations and relief information regarding the near by Camp Fire:

Please remember that there are many people and families in need, and at an increasingly difficult time of year as weather turns cold.

And be Sure to Check Out Dr. Larrow’s Winter Update Newsletter

Information in the newsletter includes some of the above, but also some Winter immune boosting tips, shipping information, and referral discount information.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and please have a safe holiday season. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the fires in both Northern and Southern California.