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Breastfeeding & Breast Cancer

Breastfeeding & Breast Cancer

Not so surprising that breastfeeding might have other unexpected benefits like reduced occurrence of breast cancer...

...The researchers showed a “30 percent overall decreased risk of breast cancer coming back and a 28 percent decreased risk of dying from the cancer.” This is a great positive for breastfeeding to go along with all the benefits that the baby gets from the breast milk...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let me help you figure out a test regime.

...Patients that I have on hormones are required, by me, to do yearly breast screening, paps, and also urine hormone testing, or I will not continue to write prescriptions for their hormones. These screenings are good guidelines for all women to follow. I know there have been recent changes in how frequently we should be getting paps, and insurance companies are dictating how often we can have other tests covered, but when it comes to your body it is better to be safe...

Breast Cancer Facts

It is October again, which means that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I want to share some common breast cancer facts with you.

Don't Be A Nut. Eat Walnuts!

Researchers from Marshall University have been studying walnuts and their influence on breast cancer tumors.

Breast Health

This week we take a look at some breast health issues as well as some things to remember, and do.