Not so surprising that breastfeeding might have other unexpected benefits like reduced occurrence of breast cancer...

Breastfeeding, and breast cancer recurrence seem to be related. A new study done by Kaiser Permanente Division of Research interviewed 1,636 breast cancer patients. They asked them questions about their health, and history of breastfeeding. The researchers showed a “30 percent overall decreased risk of breast cancer coming back and a 28 percent decreased risk of dying from the cancer.” This is a great positive for breastfeeding to go along with all the benefits that the baby gets from the breast milk. However, why does breastfeeding put us at a lower risk? That is what scientists are still trying to understand.

When it comes to cancer there are so many factors to consider: genetics, environment, lifestyle, and attitude are just a few things we have to look at. I think these same things need to be considered when treating the cancer as well. But why not look at these factors before we get cancer, and make positive changes before hand. Our genes are what they are. However, there are things that can turn on, or off, gene expression that we must understand. Antioxidants, from colorful foods and supplements, can help to make sure that we keep DNA from being damaged, and replicating that damaged profile. Knowing our family history of disease is important as well so that we can work on preventing these illnesses in ourselves.

The environment we live in, and our lifestyle, factors into our health greatly. Simple changes in the kitchen can decrease the endocrine disruptions leading to diseases, or cancer. Please remove all of the plastic from your house that you can; you and your children could be considered at higher risk when you use these products. BPA, for example, has been shown as an endocrine disruptor. And now, the research is just starting to come in on how bad BPS is which is what has replaced BPA in use. You should also know how clean your environment is by using Scorecard, and putting in your zip code. This will allow you to understand who is polluting your environment, and probably more importantly with what.

Finally, something I feel I talk about often is attitude which can affect so many things. Being stressed, overworked, or dealing with toxic people can, and sometimes will, affect your health. At the end of the day, you are in control of your own fate. Your choices will either help you get to where you want to be in life, or they’ll put roadblocks in front of you. Please make wise choices for yourself, your family, and your future generations.

Source: Liberty Voice