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Trouble Sleeping?

Trouble Sleeping?

A new study from the CDC sheds some light on how little sleep adults get these days.

...Calming the body before bed will help us to sleep better by lowering the cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol at night cause us to have millions of thoughts running through our heads as well as having a wired-tired feeling. We are physically exhausted but the mind is keeping us awake...

Spring Cleaning For The Mind

Spring cleaning comes in many forms so don't just assume that your home is the only thing that needs it.

...Spring clean the house, the mind, the body, and the soul. I know in the past I have talked about meditation as a great way of renewing the body, but often my patients tell me they cannot meditate. They say that they cannot find the quiet time necessary, or that they don’t know how to shut down the brain getting to the calm, and quiet mind. Well, I came across this wonderful video about another way to meditate...