8. Keep the alcoholic drinks to a minimum - one 6 oz glass of red wine has been found to be good for your heart. Drinking and especially overdrinking causes the liver to work harder to process the alcohol. 
7. Exercise - take time to maintain your exercise pattern. Exercise can help manage stress, helps you burn extra calories and can help with any holiday depression. Even if you just get out a walk around the block, do something that moves your body.
6. Maintain a positive attitude - the holidays only come around once a year, therefore enjoy the time you get to spend with family and friends. Do not stress too much over the household chores, people are not going to care if you did not vacuum behind the drier. 
5. Eat fresh fruits and veggies - the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in these foods can help boost your immune system, keep your skin looking healthy and help to maintain your blood sugar levels.
4. Drink water - water helps to remove toxins and keeps your body hydrated.
3. Sleep - try to maintain as normal of a sleeping pattern as possible. While you sleep your body is in a state of repair, rejuvenation and building. 6-9 hours of sleep is the normal range of sleep per night our bodies need.
2. Wash your hands - washing your hands to helps to protect you from the germs that are all around.
1. Avoid sugar as much as possible. 1 teaspoon of sugar will greatly reduce your immune system's function for 4 hours. One can of soda has about 12 teaspoons of high fructose corn syrup (sugar).