Naturopathic Medicine has only recently earned distinction within California legislation. The term "Naturopath" could be used by many alternative health care practitioners that have varying levels of training and are not doctors. With the passing of SB907 in January 2005 only Doctors who have graduated from accredited four year Naturopathic medical schools can use the name "Naturopathic Doctor". Naturopathic doctors are now primary care providers in the state of California.

Because of this recent shift in legal status insurance companies are slowly following suit. Some insurance companies have recognized that prevention is much cheaper than coping with major illness after the fact. As insurance companies become more educated about the extensive training of naturopathic doctors we are seeing more coverage.

Whether or not insurance recognizes Naturopathic Doctors, I have chosen to focus my time on your health. Most doctors spend as much time fighting for insurance reimbursement as they do helping patients. Because of this many doctors let reimbursement slide through the cracks and end up having to shut their doors because they can't pay the bills.

I will provide a "superbill" that will include CPT codes and whatever else your insurance company asks you for so that you can file for reimbursement. I cannot guarantee insurance coverage, nor do I bill insurance directly. I feel my time is better spent making you feel as healthy as possible.