It is allergy season again for many people and I have moved my Neti pot back into the shower, so it can be a part of my husband's daily routine. Neti pots come in all different shapes, sizes and different delivery methods. For me my favorite Neti pot is a ceramic one that uses gravity to clean out the sinuses. For me the Neti bulbs, which use pressure, are a bit to forceful for my comfort, but both types do achieve the same results. Historically, Neti pots were used in yoga to assist in cleaning out the nasal passageways. I prescribe Neti pots for patients who are suffering with seasonal allergies, sinus infection, work around chemicals/dust daily or for patients dealing with colds, to name a few.

People always ask me how to do the Neti wash. There is no good way to describe how to do it, you tilt your head away from the side you are introducing the Neti wash into and then slightly down. You have to breathe through your mouth while you are doing the wash. It is highly recommended that you use a little warmer than room temperature distilled water and the prepackaged saline packages, when making the wash. I think the best place to do the Neti wash is in the shower. You are wet already, so it does not matter if you make a mess!

If you are suffering with seasonal allergies the Neti pot might be a great addition to your natural treatment protocol. Please do NOT used the Neti pot, without doctor supervision if you have frequent nosebleeds, polyps, any lesions or growths in your nose or sinus.