The newest addition to my kitchen has been the Vitamixer. I have been eyeing it for years and just waiting for the right time to make it mine. Well the time was this past weekend. Since getting it I am finding countless ways to use it every day. It comes with an amazing recipe guide, but it is also wonderful in that you can make your own creations in it and it is forgiving (it has a built in cut-off if it begins to overheat!). I made my own special sauce for burgers (veggie and beef) the other night. I can tell you it was interesting and fun at the same time.

What I enjoy best about the mixer is that I can put the foods I want in it, in their whole or almost whole forms, including pineapples, garlic, onions, carrots and apples. Whatever you find in your frig seems to find a place in the Vitamixer. I was and still am amazed that you can create soups in the "blender" just by the heat of the motor dissipating. I am excited to continue to use the recipes that it comes with along with creating my own.

Other favorites about the vitamix include how easy it is to clean, just 2 drops of dish soap and some water on high equals a clean container. It is the most versatile blender/mixer/food processer that I have owned.

One downside to it is the price compared to a traditional blender. But seeing as how this is a much more powerful unit than others on the market (it is basically something used at Jamba Juice or Starbucks) it is worth it if you are serious about whole foods. Another problem we encountered was finding the Costco demo that has it on sale (ours was $50 off because of the demo at our local Fairfield Costco). The Vitamixer website lists demos, but it is inaccurate. Your best bet is to call your local Costco as they will obviously know when the next demo is.

I am excited for the opportunities that our new mixer and my family will have in the coming years. It is always exciting to try a new smoothie, soup, or sauce idea, especially when we can just throw it all in a device in the logical order... enjoy the meal... and clean it quick.

Please feel free to share your favorite Vitamixer recipes here. And as I create my own I will share them with you.