To all the mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and women of the world, will you please love yourself. Working with women as my primary practice I have seen how cruel we are to ourselves, how we will not start to love ourselves until we lose ___ number of pounds. Our life will begin when we get to the specific weight that we think is perfect shows up on the scale. I just want to let you in on a little is not going to wait for you. Life is passing you by as you wait for the magic pill, the number to be correct, or for whatever you might be waiting for. I would rather challenge you to live life to the fullest. In living life to the fullest you will feel better not only about yourself, the world around you, but you might also notice that your clothes fit differently.

Weight is not everything. I will let you know I too have struggled with my weight. I have started to love myself and it has made a big difference in my outlook on life, on my relationship with my husband and my family. I am more present in life and can make the choices that are going to continue to keep me on my healthy path because I LOVE MYSELF.

Getting your hormones back in balance alone is not always going to bring the joy back to your life. Sometimes making choices that will bring joy into your life will help to support a healthy body and aid in the balancing of hormones. The Vis, the vital force of the body, needs to be supported internally more than it does externally. By that I mean the inner voice in your mind is just as important if not more important than the external voices that you hear.

What makes your soul giggle? What will make you laugh in the middle of the worse day? I have found doing silly things will make me laugh, I will dance or listen to a voicemail message a family member left me where she is just laughing. How can you challenge yourself to laugh daily? We all know kids laugh on average 300 times a day while most adults only laugh 15 times! What is wrong with us, where did our wonder and openness to laughing on a daily basis go? Think of the endorphins we would be releasing making us feel happier and the calories we will be burning if we would just laugh as much as kids.

Whatever method you find to help you accept and enjoy the "now" is your own thing. Just know that you are not alone in this world, but you can be ahead of the pack by just going forward with life and letting it happen.