Be kind to yourself, your past, your future and everyone in your life.

We have started a New Year and with that we all make some sort of New Year's resolutions or start anew at something. So let's all start this year by being kind; especially by being kind to ourselves.

This kindness can help us to lose weight, to find balance, and keep us motivated on our New Year's resolutions. For in being kind we are able to mess up, but then get back on track the next day. It allows us to grow and in growing we are able to become better, to learn on a daily basis and to continue even when we don't think that we are able.

How do you be kind to yourself? I am kind to myself by making sure what I put into my body is going to nourish me rather than just feed me. I make sure that I make the time to exercise even if it is just for 10 minutes a day. I allow myself to have a bad moment or two, but then I move past it by finding the beauty in myself and those that support me.

Be kind to 2011. It is part of our past and the person that we are at this moment. Learn from it, thank it and then let it go. Before we know it 2013 will be here and we'll need to be kind to it as well. We just have to except the experiences, challenges and joy we will have when it arrives.

Be kind to this moment! Be kind to yourself!