Listen to your body. Sit there for a moment and see what your body is telling you. Listen to your breathing, feel it. Lightly move your fingers and toes and feel the sensations that you get in your body.

We are all very busy with life and we often forget to check in with our bodies on a daily basis. We often only seem to check in when there is something major going on; such as we are sick, dealing with heartburn or fatigued to the point where our basic needs are not met.

Our bodies give us millions of signals a day about how things are going or not going. We need to get back in touch with our bodies so that we can respond appropriately. Do you eat when your body tells you it is hungry or do you just eat when the clock says to eat? How about napping on the weekends, do you allow yourself to nap if your body is asking for a nap?

As a Naturopathic Doctor I have been able to see the wonders of our bodies. I have seen the body be able to restore health when we give it what it needs. I want you all to have the best health possible. I went into Naturopathic Medicine to help you to be able to experience health, to educate you on simple changes that can have long lasting impacts and to be a witness as our bodies naturally heal themselves.

Please check in with your body on a daily basis at least, if not more often. If there are things that are not feeling right in your body right now then don't wait until they become a bigger problem. Get help NOW!

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