The holidays are right around the corner and some of us are finishing our last minute shopping and gift wrapping, while others are planning out the holiday meals. As a child, I would look forward to the holidays as they'd give me a chance to hang out with family members that I did not often see. And of course there were the presents too. But, now that I am older (and I hope more wise), I look forward to the holidays with a different kind of excitement. I am still excited to see family members, but also to continue the traditions that my husband and I have started and to create new ones.

One of our traditions is to buy a Christmas tree ornament for each other at some point throughout the year. Often we get something from a vacation or trip, while other years we end up personalizing something we get at a local retailer. I am excited each year to see the new ornament that my husband has picked out for me, as it gives me a little look into how he cares and feels about me. Each year our tree gets two new ornaments, and as I put each on the tree I am reminded of the memories they represent.

Traditions can be big or small. What is most important is the meaning behind those traditions. I often feel like our society is so wrapped up in the wrapped gifts that we forget to take time to enjoy the traditions that have become special. These traditions that we are passing down to our children can and often do out live us. I challenge you to look at your families traditions; keep them alive and make new ones.

May you all have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. Thank you all for taking the time each week to read my blogs as I hope you take something away from them. I will return in early 2013 with more, so I hope you will join me!