Often our New Year's resolutions are big things like getting out of debt, losing weight, finishing/starting school, or getting a new job, etc. What about trying a resolution to simplify things? It does not matter what you simplify, it could be just finding an easier way of paying your bills or planning out weekly meals. Just try something that will hopefully give you more time to do what you enjoy doing.

I know for myself, I get caught up in the rat race of life with the mindset that I am no more than my daily routine. I have no problem with naturopathic medicine as a life, but I also need to remember that there is life outside of the office. When my mind is on the rat race, my patients and work will come home with me to ill effect. So for me simplicity in life will help give me more time to spend with family and friends and figure out who I am outside of naturopathic medicine.

During my initial visits with patients I often ask them what brings them joy and what's their idea of fun; often enough, I am surprised when people say that these questions are some of the hardest they've had to answer in a while. I wonder if this is because we no longer know the answer as we only see ourselves as workers, spouses, or children. We no longer stop and think about what things bring us joy, least of all do them. My challenge for you in the coming year is to figure out how to simplify your life. Hopefully, by doing this you will have more time to figure out what brings you that joy and to simplify your life.

I want to help you find some joy and simplicity in life. I can do this by helping you with your health goals, which will do a whole lot more for your joy than you probably realize. Call Dr. Larrow at (415) 912-9934 for a free 15 minute consultation today!