Coconut oil seems to be everywhere these days; I have seen that you can buy organic coconut oil at Trader Joe's. Some cultures have been using Coconut oil for centuries while some of us are just learning about all of its health benefits. I know I am still learning the many different ways this healthful oil can be used.

Here are a few things that I have learned about coconut oil
- It is a great way to increase energy and help with weight loss - a teaspoon can do wonders for your waist and energy. (I recommend melting it in warm water and drinking the warm water/oil mixture.)
- It can be used topically to help dry skin, spread it on your legs during the winter months to help moisturize. Apply it to cuts, diaper rash, breast-feeding mother apply it to your nipples to help with cracking, and it can help to reduce stretch marks. 
- Around the house coconut oil can condition wooden cutting boards, and mix with baking soda to make a non-toxic "goo gone"
- In the bathroom - use it as a shaving gel, conditioner for your hair, soak in the bath tub with it, help decrease fine lines by applying to your skin, and to help with nosebleeds by coating the inside of the nose. 
- Kitchen - cook with it, season your cast iron skilled, and use it instead of cooking sprays.

These are just a few of the ways to use coconut oil. Make sure you add it to your next grocery list and start using it throughout the house and throughout your day.