Are you burning the candle at both ends?

Most of us run around daily trying to get everything done at work, only to get home and continue running around. Because there is dinner to get on the table, bills to pay, chores to do, we need to spend some family time, exercise and get to bed before midnight, so that the day can start all over again at 5:30am. I know for myself I am having a difficult time finding the balance and time to take care of myself and it has started to show. Last week I woke up with a sore throat and have been fighting to keep myself from getting sick.

The human body is a wonderful machine, but there is only so much it can do before it starts showing signs of wear and tear. Just like our cars, our bodies need service however unlike our cars, which need their oil changed every 3000 miles, the body needs to have repair time daily. And that is where I was failing my body. I was staying up to late at night to finish everything that did not get done during the day and then was getting up in what seemed like just a few hours after I had went to bed.

So this week I have had to put on hold some of my normal chores so that I could take care of myself. I have been making sure that I am in bed no later than 8:30pm, so that I have time to read a book before I go to sleep. During sleep is when our body repairs, resets and rejuvenates. If we deny our body this important time, we are harming ourselves in the long run.

Slow down, make a list of the chores that need to get done each week and try to do 1-2 a night so that by the end of the week your chores are done. For me this has helped me become more productive, and also helps me to keep balance and take care of my body better. None of us are perfect, what will work one week might not work the next and we have to learn to be flexible with life, ourselves and the things we need to do.

Imagine when your days are almost up, what mattered most in life. Was it that you got your bills paid the moment they came in the mail, or will it be the moments you spend with your family and friends? Our bodies can and do amazing things; we just need to give them a bit of down time!