So what is the true cost of bottled water? Not only to the consumer who buys the bottle of water, but to the environment as well. Especially now as it is getting hot out we need to stay hydrated, so it is important to remember to bring that reusable water bottle. When looking for a reusable bottle you want to look for a bottle that is BPA free, that will work in your life style (I have a tendency of dropping my water bottles - so glass is out for me!) and that you can easily clean. My favorites are the Klean Kanteen and the BPA free Nalgene. I will only put hot liquids into my Klean Kanteen, not into the Nalgene as I am not a fan of heating up any plastics.

This video by The Story of Stuff opened my eyes to what is really happening with plastic bottles. Are they being recycled, or downcycled? I know I am going to think twice about buying bottled water again, especially after learning that a third of the water that is bottled comes from tap!