The Environmental Worker's Group has put out their updated list of the dirty dozen foods. How well have you been doing at eating organic for these foods?

Highlights from the dirty dozen, as stated on, include: 
- Every imported nectarine was positive for pesticides, while 98% of apples and 96% of plums had pesticides. 
- Grapes had 15 different pesticides detected, while blueberries and strawberries both had 13 different pesticides. 
- The most contaminated veggies are bell peppers, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes and spinach.
- Bell peppers had 88 different pesticides, 81 in cucumbers and 78 in lettuce.

EWG also looked at baby food this year and found that sweet potatoes sold as baby food, had virtually no detectable pesticide residues, while 92% of pear samples tested for at least one pesticide residue. 26% of baby foods samples were tainted with five or more residually. With this information, it makes me wonder how safe the baby food is out there. My recommendation would be to make your own baby food at home with organic foods when possible.

Please download their newest list or get it for your phone (Android, iOS and Windows Phone), as it is a must have when you are out shopping. Continue eating organic and don't forget to enjoy our local farmers markets!